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Picture of the Month by Mitch Carlson of Green Core Organics, Minnesota as they show off their turf blends which contain varieties of fescue, perennial rye grass and Kentucky Bluegrass.  This lawn has been getting treated with SumaGreen Turf for several months.


Learn how professionals treat their lawns by listening to what they use to help grass grow better and healthier.

The fastest way to Green Up your lawn is by using fertilizers.  The Best why to grow your lawn to to eliminate fertilizers.  Yet how can you do both?  Can you treat your lawn Organically?  Of course most ORGANIC products are not truly Organic because they still have some chemicals in them.

The answers are not that simple but yet as I age I still have patience, unlike our young world today with internet, On Demand, video games, and yes quick greening chemical based fertilizers.  If you are willing to wait a extra treatment you can get a beautiful lawn for little money and the GREEN LUSH lawn will last right up until winter.

If you really want to help your lawn grow HEALTHY then you need to give your soil nutrients.  Your grass (roots) is no different then the Human Body.  We eat when we are hungry and our grass roots do the same thing.  We need WATER to survive more then food and yet again so does your grass.

Question?  How can your grass obtain more water during a drought if it is not being watered or there is a water restriction in your area?  Simple grow longer roots.  This is like telling a short person to JUST GROW taller if they do not want to be short. 

Many of our Lawn Care Operators have tried products from Chemical based fertilizers to All Natural Organic products.  The funny thing is BOTH are now very costly. Both have pros and cons.  But every Lawn Care operator knows there is a solution and that is giving the soil what it needs which in turn makes Healthy grass.  Healthy Grass means Less need for other chemicals on your lawn like Pesticides, fungicides and Herbicides.

One simple solution we have found is SumaGreen Turf  made by SumaGreen.  They have a product line which has won awards by Popular Science for the Best New Green Technology and years of University research and real world results.  The best part is they cost an average of about 30 cents per 1000 sq/ft for treatments.

Use the SumaGreen Turf with Pennington Grass Seed for the best looking grass you could ever grow and see results within 10-14 days for a beautiful looking lawn.

We are highly recommending this product for the simple fact of cost and performance.  We are also in the mist of trying other products like Holganix, Terra One, and others.  The biggest difference of SumaGreen Turf right up front is their cost is much lower and do not need to be refrigerated or need special spraying tips.  Any old sprayer from Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware store will do.

We will be posting results from all over on lawns that are using different products.  So if you have some pictures of good and bad lawns send them in to us at
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